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Hey again! It’s been a minute! I’ve been having so much fun traveling around the west coast of the country and I want to share one of my recent travels.

I recently stayed at the beautiful Cassara Hotel in Carlsbad, California with my mom. We had so much fun spending time at the hotel pool, lounging in the hot tub, grabbing drinks at the bar and (the main attraction) the Flower Fields right outside the hotel. It was so unbelievably gorgeous. What I thought was really cool was, as soon as you step outside the hotel, you can smell the flowers. It was such a pleasant smell, I could’ve stayed outside all day watching the ocean on the horizon and smelling the flowers. The grounds of the hotel are just beautiful, in general, by the way.

Let’s talk about The Flower Fields. They’re legit right outside the hotel, like you step onto your balcony and voila! The colors are so vibrant, it’s incredible. The beach is also on the horizon, so seeing the flowers with the ocean is *chefs kiss*. It’s a 2 minute drive to the flowers or you can walk which takes about 13 minutes from the hotel. There are so many cute things to do instead of just looking at the flowers. They had several food vendors like a lemonade stand and kettle popcorn. They had presentations, and fun activities for children. As you leave, you exit through Armstrong Garden Center. It is a plant lover paradise. They have all the planting supplies you need. Plus, a great selection of indoor and outdoor plants. I wanted to buy all the plants, because I’m an obsessed plant mom.

The hotel, also, is very beautiful. It’s very elegant, modern and fresh. The rooms are beautifully decorated and come with a mini-fridge, TV, Keurig Coffee Machine and you get your own private balcony. There’s a wide array of amenities like the Cassara Kitchen & Bar. They’ve got this drink called the Flower Power Sour – it’s like sipping on sunshine and happiness. One random thing I have to share is that the hotel is right near LEGOLAND! Literally right around the corner; you could walk to it. So, if you’re looking for a convenient and nice place to stay when visiting LEGOLAND, this is the place.

Cassara Carlsbad is all about that luxury life. Think Mediterranean vibes, lush gardens, with a pool and hot tub. Plus, you can’t beat the coastal views. I loved looking out at the ocean during our stay. It’s so calming and peaceful.

Oh, and can we talk about the little extras? The hotel hooks you up with flower-themed drinks, chocolates, and even tickets to The Flower Fields. We LOVE that!

What I really appreciate is that they are pet friendly! So, if your fur baby weights under 25 pounds, they’re welcome to join in on the fun. Again, we LOVE that!

Now, the location. I have never been to Carlsbad before, but I’ve only heard great things. It lived up to the hype because we fell in love with the area. Cassara Carlsbad is like your secret hideout, but still close enough to hit up the local spots. Whether you’re into grubbing at cute cafes, checking out attractions, or hitting the trails, Carlsbad has got you covered. My mom and I went to Carlsbad Village which is about a 10 minute drive up the road. Talk about a CUTE little area? Tons of boutiques, places to eat, live bands, it was totally a beachy vibe and I’m here for it.

So, in a nutshell, my stay at Cassara Carlsbad was awesome. My mom and I had such a fun time and can’t thank Cassara Carlsbad enough for hosting us. Thanks for helping us make new memories!

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